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Best Pool Cue Racks



best pool cue rack

pool cue racks

The best pool cue racks is a must have for anyone with a pool table. The best cue rack is one that fits your given space! They can vary between 4-10 slots and I’ve seen custom ones with more.

The reason you need one is to keep your best pool cues in a clean,orderly environment away from the chance that someone may accidentally step on it and break it. Alas, it has happened to the best of us.

The other handy thing about them is that many of them can hold much more than cues. Pool balls, ball racks,chalk, and table brushes to name a few things they can hold. The one I have even has 4 cup holders! The best pool cue racks can be made of

mahogany,oak,or just a black finish which is classy.

I’ve noticed that quite a few bars and pubs have metal ones of different colors and shapes as well. It really is up to you!


A corner best pool cue racks one is your best cue rack space saver options, while the traditional one is great if you have more room to play. There are some nice wall mounted ones too which hold up really well and are very sturdy. They are usually pretty easy to mount to a wall as well.

You can also get customized ones as I mentioned earlier. College, pro teams and logos abound on many brands cue racks which add that personalized touch. A lot of times bars and pubs have their name engraved in the cue racks as well,just so you don’t forget where you are playing.

To sum it all up go with the best pool cue racks that catches your eye, that you have room for and that fits your budget! Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure it has enough spots for all your best cues!





cue rack 1

 Iszy Billiard 10 Cue Rack Review

One of our first best pool cue racks we will be reviewing is the 10 cue rack by Iszy Billiards and it’s a great rack for the price!

There are a lot of these out there that cost a small fortune, but this one does not. This is one for the family room or basement to be sure! It is made of high quality wood and then finished.

One of it’s great features is that you can choose from 3 different finishes: Mahogany ( pictured ), Black or Oak. You can match your table or just get a finish that you feel is the best.

I have a rack that matches my pool table just because I’m a matcher kind of guy!

One thing to keep in mind for the best cue rack is that the felt on the bottom of the cue ” cup ” can become loose with a lot of usage. Simply dab a little super glue on it and boom, it’s fixed! Very easy and not unusual for the best pool cue racks.

Another nice feature is that it assembles very easily and you don’t need to put holes in your walls. The measurements are 31 1/4″ H X 29 1/2 W X 8 7/8″ D, so it’s definitely a space saver for those smaller rec rooms!

While some might think this to be lacking in quality, I would beg to differ. Just because you are not paying $500 for this rack in no way diminishes the quality. Sure, buy a $500 one if you can, but this is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to pay that!

So if you are buying one of the best pool cue racks for a family member, friend or just yourself, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Click here to view the Iszy Billiards 10 Cue Rack


Iszy Billiards 8 Cue Rack Reviewrack 2

This next one we will be looking at is the best 8 corner cue rack also by Iszy Billiards and it is a great space saver!

I’ve seen some pretty small areas that had a pool table and wondered where they kept their cues. This little jewel is the answer! The measurements are 30 1/2″ H X 15″ W X 15″ D, yet it can still hold a full set of balls and small accessories.

It is made of wood so some may say it’s not sturdy enough but if your not throwing it around, it will last a long time. If you’re hard on your things then choose metal. For as inexpensive as it is the quality is very good!

Not only is this best pool cue racks sturdy, it comes in 2 colors as well.

Both the Oak and the Mahogany look really slick and will match most decors. The darker Mahogany would look really sweet in a mancave or den while the Oak may look good in a family room or basement.

Make sure that this best pool cue racks will hold all your cues but if not you could always get 2 of them! A matching pair looks nice as well!

Click here to view the Iszy Billiards 8 Cue Corner Rack


wall rackViper 8 Cue Rack Review

The last one we will be looking at is the ‘ol Viper 8 cue wall rack by GLD. I like wall racks simply because it reminds me of some bars I’ve played in and the fun times had there!

This best cue rack is very easy to put together and comes with all the mounting hardware you will need. It’s very inexpensive compared to others as well. Some fancy ones can cost $200 or more!

Even though it seems to be of low strength, once you mount it to studs in your wall it will not move. It can’t be tripped over or knocked around by the kids like a lot of other ones can. With the dimensions of 21.4 x 6.6 x 3.5 inches, you don’t need that much space either.

With it’s slim design and wall hugging hardware, you won’t be able to hold any balls on this rack. I’ve never seen it be a problem for anyone, they simply have another storage option for their accessories. This holds 8 cues which is pretty standard for a wall mount. Lots of times I’ll see a couple of these at least around the room.

It comes in Mahogany which matches just about everything in the pool world!

So whether you own your own bar, pub, or just have a house, this is the best pool cue racks wall mount for you!

Click here to view the Viper by GLD 8 Cue Wall Rack






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