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Best Pool Cue Brands

best pool cue brands

Let’s talk about the thing that makes the game of pool tick. Or at least one of the things that make it tick! The best pool cue. Now, it is interesting to note that it seems like everyone that plays pool has a cue preference. This is the beauty of the cue. You find one that you truly love and stick ( pun intended ) with it forever. I’ve had my particular cue for years. It’s kinda my baby. Lets take a look at some of the different cue variations.The best pool cue is the one you are most comfortable with!

Finding the best pool cue brands is very important when trying to find the best pool cues. Trusting your game to an off brand or cheaper made brand may just lose you the game.

Best Pool Cues for the Money

Remember that just because a the best pool cue costs more doesn’t mean it’s better. Find the best pool cues for the money, that you are comfortable with and can afford right now. Later on you can upgrade if you want. Solid wood cues, like maple, are used to “break” or start the game. They are heavier and more durable than a 2 piece cue. After that it’s up to each players preference. Most pool cues are around 58″ long, and weigh between 18-25 ounces, although it varies.

Some of the best pool cues for the money don’t have to be very expensive. You may feel completely comfortable in a less expensive pool cue and don’t need to spend a lot on the best pool cue. The best pool cues brands are only going to be the best because of how comfortable you are with it.

The Best Pool Cue Brands

The best pool cues you use next are made of lighter material like titanium, graphite or fiberglass for after the ” break “. I like my fiberglass one. It has a quick release in the middle for when I break it down after playing. The best pool cue brands, no matter what material are only going to use the best. A company that is going to go cheap on material is not going to give you the best pool cue for the money.
Here is a nice, short video on cue sticks that I think is helpful:

Pretty informative,right? Now, you can get all kinds of custom cues that cost quite a bit, or cues of any color,logo or team. The tip of the cue is something that you will begin to have a preference about as you play more and more pool.It’s the fact that different tips strike the ball differently so finding the best pool  cue brands and the best pool cues for the money is important.

Those of you who play tons of pool already know what I mean. So, in the end find something you like and play some pool!




players cue

Crimson Maple Pool Cue Review

The first best pool cue we will be looking at is the classically styled Crimson Maple by Players. This is a great mid-range cue! The crimson stained birds-eye maple really is an eye-catcher that would look good in your hands or on your rack.

One of the reasons I really like this cue is that the quality is outstanding and it’s incredibly strong. I was able to try this out at a friends one night and really enjoyed it. Felt very tight and had a nice follow-through.

The finish is top grade and the joint is very sturdy and tight with no movement at all. You can put english on your shot right out of the box with this as well. It comes stock with a quality French Le Pro tip that provides maximum ball control.

The sizing is nice too. It comes in a standard 58 inch length, but you can pick between 18-21 ounces. The 20 and 21 may be a tad heavy, so go with the slightly lighter one if needed. The solid black double-pressed Irish Linen wrap on the shaft is very comfortable and tight.

This may be a tad expensive for some but considering that this is as nice as some $250 cues I’ve used, it’s well worth the investment! This best pool cue would definitely be one of the best pool cues for the money.

And with this being one of the best pool cue brands it’s a name you can count on. So whether you play once a week or you are pretty competitive, this best pool cue is right for you!

Click here to view the Crimson Maple cue by Players


Viper cue 1The Raven Pool Cue Review

This next best pool cue we will be taking a look at is The Raven by Viper Underground.

This is more of a beginner/intermediate cue made with very good quality Canadian Maple wood. This cool thing about this cue is that it strikes like some of the more high priced ones as well!

With the best pool cue brands this beginner best pool cue for the money is definitely the place to be.

It has a very smooth strike and is sturdy for a 2 piece set-up. With some cues you can feel the rattle or vibration as soon as you strike the ball. Not so with this one. Very strong through the whole shot, even when you use a lot of english like I do!

The shaft has a faux leather wrap that may wear out with much use, but it is very easy and inexpensive to re-wrap with something else of your choice. It comes in the standard 58 inch length and you can choose the weight for what you prefer between 18-21 ounces.

It comes stock with a 13mm leather tip that is decent right from the get go. You can always change this later on if you use a special tip like I do.

Even though this is a “cheap” cue it is not cheap in quality. This plays as well as much more expensive cues and yes, I have seen this at some local tournaments and it played well. The eye-catching design and  9 coats of varnish and stainless steel rings are great on any cue!

So if you are just starting out in the pool world or you’re looking for a nice upgrade to what you currently have, this best pool cue is the right one for you!

Click here to view The Raven by Viper Underground cue



Cuetec cue

Cuetec Pool Cue Review

The final best pool cue we will be checking out is the Cuetec 13-694 R-360 Edge Series Maple cue. This is a tournament level cue and it is legit. This is going to be one of the best pool cue brands out there. With a name you can trust you game to.

Where to start? The R360 shaft is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by “A-Plus” grade Canadian Maple wood, which is unique in the industry. Professional player Shane Van Boening, a former U.S. Open champion uses Cuetec cues when he plays. He knows a thing or 2 about nice cues!

The Accueweight adjustable weight bolt system that this uses allows for quick and easy weight adjustment and cue balance on the go. You can adjust the weight in 1 or 1/2 ounce increments between 19-21 ounces, whichever fits your style. It is the standard 58 inch height that most are.

I’ve always loved playing with any Cuetec cues that come across my path! This may be a little on the ‘plain looking’ side, but I happen to like the no flash look. You can always get different patterns to put on the shaft if you really wanted to. The Irish Linen grip is simply excellent and lasts for a long time. The polished stainless steel joint is very,very sturdy with no give or wobble.

This best pool cue will give you as much english as you can put on the ball and not flinch. This cue looks and plays well under any lighting and in any atmosphere!

Don’t let the hefty price tag fool you. This is a tournament ready cue right from the word go! If you’re ready to start playing seriously then this is the one for you!

Click here to view the Cuetec 13-694 R-360 Edge Series Maple cue


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