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Best Pool Table Cover


Opool table coversver the years I’ve noticed a curious thing when it comes to pool tables. As I played more and more,I could actually tell which tables I played on that had the best pool table cover and which ones were not.

The ones that got covered were cleaner,had a nicer playing surface and overall had better quality of play. I would play a table and then tell the owner if it got covered or if it did not. More often than not I was right.

The moral of the story is COVER YOUR TABLE!

It does not take much effort and it really saves on wear and tear. There are the best pool table cover that fit every need.  The fitted ones are the way to go. Strong,durable and inexpensive. Heck,get one of your favorite sports team and show the guys! I will be going over the options in detail,so don’t worry!

The Best Pool Table Cover

The best pool table cover is of vital importance to the longevity of your table. They are an inexpensive way to maintain the quality of your felt. Too many times I’ve seen beer or soda stains on someone’s table that could have been avoided with a simple cover.

Fitted table cover

They are very easy to fold up and store when using your table, so there really is no excuse to not have one. I’ve heard the excuse “Well I play so much pool that I don’t need one.” Wrong. I have had one ever since I’ve had a table and it has saved me more than a few times!

Best Fitted Pool Table Covers

There are made from several different materials, the most popular being Naugahyde which is in the fake leather ( Pleather ) category. It is made of a knit fabric backing and expanded PVC coating. The cool thing about Naugahyde is that it is heavy duty while being lightweight and inexpensive.

It’s very water-resistant and easy to clean if you do get something on it and you can buy it fitted to your size table as well.

NFL Pool Table Covers

They come in a huge selection of colors, so matching your decor will not be a big deal at all. My personal favorite’s are the NFL team logo covers. A nice touch to any bar,pub or mancave to be sure!

If by chance your table is outdoors or in a garage, you can purchase waterproof covers that will be sure to stand up to the elements. This particular cover is made of a thick vinyl that is coated and comes pre-treated for water, mildew and antimicrobial resistance.

If you own a bar or pub ( or even if you don’t ), it’s simple and easy to get a custom made cover. It can be stamped or decaled  with almost anything you could want including teams or logos.

Whichever way you want to go, just make sure that you use the best pool table cover you purchase! Your table will thank you for it!



 NFL Pool Table Cover Review

table cover1

The first best pool table cover we will be taking a look at is the NFL Pool Table Cover by Imperial. If you are into other sports at all like I am, take a good look at this sweet addition to any room you happen to keep your table in.

If you don’t like the Eagles that’s ok. All 32 teams are available, so choose your favorite! Makes a very nice conversation piece as well. Even if you don’t like football this makes a great gift for friends and family.

This particular cover is specially fitted for 8 foot tables. It will work on a 7 foot, but I don’t recommend it because it will hang too loosely. You want it nice and snug! The corners are fitted to protect your table from wear and tear.

The material is made from heavy duty Naugahyde that is very durable and easy to clean. Better to spill something on this than your table! No matter which team you choose to put on it, the cover is silkscreened to ensure the logo always looks great in any light without fading.

The sports theme isn’t for everyone but I’ve found that most of my friends can appreciate a good old fashioned sports fan that is proud to show who they root for on their pool table and if you are a fan, than this is for you!

Click here to view the NFL Table Covers

 Fitted Heavy Duty Cover Review

cover 2The second best pool table cover we will be taking a look at is the Fitted Heavy Duty Cover by CueStix International.

If you have a family or plan on having one, this cover is for you! The reason I say this is because not only is this a great value, but it cleans up so easily thanks to the Naugahyde it’s made from. Spills are no match for this. I’ve seen covers like this save many a table from destruction.

Variety of Colors

This comes in 5 different colors, so finding one that you like shouldn’t be that difficult. If the faux brown leather look isn’t for you, that’s ok because you could always go with black which matches a ton of different decors. The bars I play in mostly go for the darker colors as well to kinda blend in to the surroundings. That is, when the tables aren’t being used!

The creases will fade out very quickly to become flat and smooth, which is a nice look. It is very rugged and durable to withstand the most strenuous areas like a family room or basement.  Keeping your felt looking nice is the goal and this best pool table cover will help you do just that! Your 7 foot table will thank you!

Click here to view the Fitted Heavy Duty Cover by CueStix International

Westex Pool Table Cover Review

cover 3This last best pool table cover we will be looking at is the Westex 8 Foot Cover by Championship which is one  of the most unique pool table covers on the market today.

The bomberjacket brown leather like design is made in the USA and custom fitted to ensure a nice, tight fit. Made of a heavy vinyl material, this not only looks awesome but is extremely durable and will hold up for years and years. Spills are a cinch to wipe off as well.

Even with a higher price tag, just looking at the high quality triple stitched seams, double stitched hems and 10 stitches per inch, you know this is a solid cover for any table you have. The special brushing process it goes through gives it the look and feel of leather and will make you look twice. A lifetime warranty is another great feature with the best pool table cover, so you don’t ever have to worry.

This look may not be for everyone, but I’ve seen this on tables and it truly is an eye-catcher that’s for sure! Your pool balls will thank you that the felt is kept in such nice shape!

Click here to view the Westex 8 Foot Cover by Championship




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