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Best Pool Table Light Fixture

;.best pool table light fixture

I’m not saying you have to have perfect light conditions, just be aware of the fact that it needs to have a fairly good light with the best pool table light fixture.

There are many styles of lights that you can purchase. They range from 1,2,or even 3 shades lamps to long fluorescent bulb kinds. The ones with the candle effect are great too. The minimum height of a fixture should be no less than 40 inches off the playing surface. Whats nice about most lamps is that the height can be adjusted fairly easily.

You can get a wide range of styles with the best pool light fixture, too. Metal, wood or glass come in tons of different patterns. Finished, rough, matte, or polished look really nice with different tables. Brass, oak, stamped or chandelier are also options. The best billiard light is one that you like and that fits your budget. I like the 3 shade look myself but I’m not picky!

Stained glass has the most unique look because you can get it customized to just about anything. I’ve played in some really nice pubs that had stunning best pool table light fixtures that really caught your eye. I don’t think it helped my game at all though!

Sometimes simple track lighting will be enough, especially if you have a low ceiling to contend with. They are very affordable and simple to install. I would not recommend standing on your pool table to install any of the best pool table light fixture though!

As with most things related to billiards, you can get customized lights as well. A good friend of mine was in the Air Force, so naturally he bought a custom Air Force light for above his table. Pretty neat.

Choosing the best pool table light fixture is another fun thing about setting up your own pool room! Happy hunting!





billiard light 1

Trademark Pool Table Light Fixture Review

The first best pool table light fixture we will be checking out is the Trademark Gameroom 3 Shade Lamp. This clean, classy looking light is simple yet great looking.

The chrome support structure goes well with most room decors and the adjustable chains make it convenient for all types of ceilings. It gives an old time look to any pool or pool combination table!

It comes with durable polyresin shades that cover 3 light bulb sockets. You can get them in different colors too. Use 60 watt bulbs for this light so it stays nice and cool.

The electrical wire it comes with has a three-prong end and a switch about mid-line. If that is inconvenient simply purchase a longer wire from a big box store and re-wire it to where it is best suited for you!

I find it lights up the pool table quite well! Not too dark yet not blinding either. Don’t use a bulb brighter than 60 watts or the shades may get too hot. If you are not satisfied with the light or you have a very large room, you may need something a bit bigger. This is a great best pool table light fixture for family rooms and smaller basements!

This is an all around nice light. Not too fancy yet it gets the job done!

Click here to view the Trademark Gameroom 3 Shade Lamp

 Ball Design Pool Table Light Fixture Review

light 2The next best pool table light fixture we will be looking at is the very nice Ball Design Light by Iszy Billiards. This gem will really add to the conversation when you put this up in your bar or mancave! It has a really unique look and is made of durable black metal that is meant to hold up for years.

At 59 inches long and with 3 white glass shades, it has a look of class about it. The pool balls are a great touch! A friend of mine has one like this and really likes it not only for the look but the light it puts out as well. It will give good light to tables between 7-9 feet long.

This can be hardwired in or a plug-in adapter can be used, whichever is easiest. I always recommend hardwire simply because it’s easiest to switch on and off.

The chain is a little shorter on this piece than most so if you have a higher than normal ceiling simply buy a longer chain. If you have normal ceiling height you won’t have a problem at all.

It only needs 3 60 watt bulbs to give off great light. If you buy energy efficient bulbs the light will be even cleaner. No unwanted shadows on your table! If you don’t like the shades it comes with simply purchase different colors to something you like. The best pool table light fixture is very customizable.

So whether you want a manly light or a conversation piece, this is the light for you!

Click here to view the Ball Design Light by Iszy Billiards


light 3

Billiard Ball Pool Table Light Fixture Review

The last, but certainly not least, best pool table light fixture we will be taking a look at is the Rack ’em Billiard Ball Light. This is basically the ultimate billiard light! When you look at this light it makes you want to play pool. Anywhere.

This is the perfect light to round out any room that you might play pool in. I’ve seen lights like this in both pubs and friends homes and it is sharp. 4 light bulbs provide up to 260 watts of light so you won’t have any dark spots on your table!

It is very easy to install because it is hardwired for overhead installation. If you like the idea of a plug in instead, simply get a converter kit from a box store. It comes with a 6 foot cord for simple operation. The chain kit it comes with will make it nice to hang from any ceiling!

The vibrant panels are back lit which makes this very unique as well. The frame is handcrafted and made from solid hardwood using tongue and groove joinery. The graphics are digitally printed directly onto the acrylic panels for longevity. Choosing from 5 different wood finishes ensures you will be able to find one that suites you!

The price will make sure you are fairly serious about pool and the type of decor you surround the room with. This best pool table light fixture adds a touch of class to any atmosphere, that’s for sure!

Click here to view the Rack ’em Billiard Ball Light



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