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Best Indoor Basketball Hoop

Best indoor basketball hoop

Best Indoor Basketball Hoop

No longer do you have to wait for warmer weather. Or sneak off to Chuck E Cheese. Now you can have your very own best Indoor Basketball hoop in your home. If you are one that lives in a northern state, the winter can be very long and hard. What better way to keep in shape and form them to have one of these in your home, garage, basement, office to help keep the blood flowing.

These best indoor basketball hoops may be just the thing you need.

Uses for the Best Arcade Basketball Game

The uses for the best indoor basketball hoops doesn’t just have to be for indoor-escape-from-winter use though. These indoor electronic basketball hoop are also perfect for outside. Many people are buying these for camps or fundraisers. They are great for competition, especially if you are looking at getting the best dual electronic basketball game.


If you go to arcades nowadays you will see these best indoor basketball hoops in their full metal frames. But with these they come in an easy to assembly box that makes them lightweight enough to move around yet heavy enough to be stable for accurate play.

Features for the Best Indoor Basketball Hoop

As always, when doing the best indoor basketball game reviews looking over the features is a very important part of the product. We want to make sure you are getting everything that they product describes. Here are some of the most important features you need to look for when you are buying the best indoor basketball game.

  • Height: This is very important when trying to decide which best indoor basketball hoop you want to get. You want to make sure that it is going to fit into your home. Not only do you need to make sure that the hoop itself clears the ceiling, but if you are shooting the ball into the hoop– you need enough room for that as well!
  • Basketballs: All these best electronic basketball games come with mini basketballs perfect for the size of the hoop. The number of basketballs can range between 3-7 though. If you are looking to buy this game for a dual competition you are going to want as many basketballs as the game allows.
  • Scoring: Most, if not all, of the best indoor basketball hoops are going to come with electronic scoring. It really is the only way you can accurately score the game especially with the best dual basketball game. Just make sure you have batteries ready because most of the time they are not included.
  • Dual or Single?: Finally, one of the top features that you need t decide on is if you want a dual or single indoor basketball game. If it is just you and are you looking for something to keep you loose in the office then there is really no reason for the dual feature. But if you are looking for a family game or one for fundraisers, definitely get the dual one.

Indoor Basketball Game Reviews

Finding the best indoor basketball hoop really isn’t that hard if you know where to look. And lucky for you, you came to so you automatically get the best and up to date information on the best indoor basketball hoops. Below are 4 of my favorite basketball game reviews that should be very helpful in your purchase.

electronic basketball gameLifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade System

First our first best indoor basketball game review we are looking at the Life Basketball System. This one was given awesome reviews for quality and durability. With over 425 reviews and holding at the 4.5 out of 5 stars that is pretty awesome.

With this best dual basketball arcade game you are getting 2 heavy duty pro style rims. No worrying about  cheap rims that break after long term use.

Adjustable Frame

The adjustable frame ranges from 82 to 90 inches. This is great if you have younger children looking to grow into it. It is quality built and the basketballs have no trouble staying within the net for accurate scoring.

Along with adjustable height feature this best indoor basketball hoop folds up conveniently for storage. This is great if you are a college student and are traveling to and from campus over several years.

Infrared Scoring

The electronic scoring is fantastic and uses infrared scoring with multiple games, buzzer, and sound effects. This definitely makes the game great and competitive. Do be aware that unlike most electric scorers that run on batteries, this one has an AC adapter so you will need to be near an outlet for power. This is handy and keeps you from going through a ton of batteries.

7 mini basketballs are included with this best dual arcade basketball game. A handy needle is also included to keep those basketball pumped and ready for action!

Indoor Dual Basketball Game Reviews

This is an excellent system. It is built to last a long time. The quality is superb. The manufacturer has been around a long time and knows how to make great products that they stand by. This best indoor best dual electronic basketball game comes with a warranty to make buying this system a comfortable purchase.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System

franklin basketball game reviewFranklin Sports Double Shot Rebound Pro Game

For our next indoor basketball hoop review we have the Franklin Sport Double Shot. Franklin is a company that has been around for a long time. I remember growing up with their sporting equipment. There company is definitely a staple in the sporting equipment industry.

8 Different Game Options

This is more than just your regular basketball game. More than just a dual shoot out.  This best indoor basketball hoop has various games available for play through the electronic scoreboard! Mix it up a little and become great at all the games!


The size is 81″ x 43″ x 80.5″, this is great for a lot of room to shoot and score! Just make sure your home is big enough too! But one of the best parts is that when you are done playing just fold it up and you will have that room available for other activities again. 

This best arcade indoor basketball game comes with 4 basketballs all ready for play! This is a great start for some basketball fun. With thee sturdy quality and a great name behind the product you will definitely be able to enjoy this one for a long time. Keep in mind that this game also requires batteries. So make sure you grab some the next time you are at the store!

Click Here to Buy Franklin Sports Dual Hoops Rebound Pro

Spalding Basketball Game ReviewSpalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball Game

Spalding is the next best indoor basketball review we will be looking at. Spalding is another great company that the does a great job presenting great products. This has been a quality product for many families for years.


This is a dual basketball arcade game but it can be used simply as a one player. And with it you are able to test your shooting ability against the 60-second timer game along with the 6 mini basketballs that are given with the system.

Quality Steel Frame

With the steel frame and quality hoop you won’t have to worry about a flimsy system that falls apart after a couple games. It can withstand the power of many years of tough basketball playing.

Measuring in at 81 x 90 x 44 inches (W x H x D); it also comes with a 1-year warranty to guarantee quality.

Click Here to Buy Spalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball Game

Pop-A-Shot Single Electronic Basketball Game

For our last electronic basketball game review I wanted to switch it up and pull in a single shot basketball hoop. Often times thee best way to go is with the best dual arcade basketball game but it’s not always the case.

Many times a person just needs one single basketball hoop, whether as a stress reliever in the office or to stay loose on the off season of sports.

This one is also good for business promotional events. They are very popular these days because, hey, who doesn’t like to throw a basketball around every once in a while?

With it’s sturdy steel construction and easy folding method you will be able to use this all the time or even just every once in a while.


It measures at 90 x 26 x 92 inches which is taller than even some of the dual indoor basketball reviews. It does come with 3 mini basketballs to start you ball game off well. The scoring system is extremely accurate in it’s keeping track.

Best Single Shot Indoor Basketball Game

When it comes to single shot indoor basketball games this is definitely one you want to take a look at. Certainly Amazon has others available, but if you are looking for one that is best for your money– look no further!

Click Here to Buy Pop-A-Shot Single Electronic Basketball Game


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