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Air Hockey Table Reviews

air hockey table reviews

air hockey 2

Harvil Air Hockey Table Reviews

Air Hockey Tables for Kids

The first air hockey table we are going to look at is the 4 Foot Hockey Table by Harvil.

A nice playing surface that you don’t need a ton of room for is a great perk for this table that packs a punch. A single 110 volt blower is all you need to give plenty of air flow to the surface while not having any “dead” spots that can ruin games.

The thing I like about this best air hockey hockey are the leg levelers. It can be pretty annoying playing on an uneven playing surface. I guess that applies to pool tables, foosball and so on too.

Made of CARB certified MDF wood with laminated blue graphics and a white playing surface that looks like ice.  It is constructed to be able to take abuse and keep on working.

As with any table, the nicer you treat it the longer it will last. Sometimes the electronic score keeper that comes with it can get broken in the heat of battle, but not to worry as this has a manual score keeper too.

You can keep it plugged in at all times because it does have an “off” switch which many tables don’t have. Just another added feature that comes standard with this very affordable air hockey table. Light enough to move around where you need it as well. This would also be the best air hockey table for kids since it is lighter.

It comes with the pucks and paddles you need right out of the box. Assembly is not that difficult even if you don’t use tools that much. Some tables take hours to put together, but this does not, when writing air hockey table reviews we found this to be important.

I would recommend that you buy some extra pucks as they are easily lost and inexpensive. I can remember not being able to find the puck. Annoying right? Let’s avoid that.

Click Here To View The Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table on Amazon

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American Heritage Air Hockey Table Reviews

So here we have for our next air hockey table reviews the 7ft Monarch Table by American Heritage.

Even a glance of this table tells you the class and beauty this possesses. This is a true tournament grade table!

The cherry finish, silver trim and end caps go well with any decor. High quality joints help this table last for a long, long time.

The arch reminds me of an arcade where I used to go for fun times. The full size playing surface is perfect for the older players, as well as the young ones.

With this air hockey table, having sides that deflect the puck without it flying off are great too. Chasing pucks can get really old.

Because this table is so heavy duty I would recommend either a professional install or at least someone proficient with tools. Usually an hour or two and you’re done and playing.

This handsome  table keeps score electronically and even has cool sound effects that make the game exciting. It comes with an extremely powerful blower so you can play at high speed, which is what a table is supposed to do. No one wants to play a slow game of hockey.

Make sure you have the space in your room of choice. It can be rough if you try to squeeze it in a tighter area.

Comes with pushers and pucks right out of the box too. When writing the air hockey table reviews we found this to be a great choice for everyone!

Click Here To View The American Heritage Air Hockey Table on Amazon


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American Legend Air Hockey Table Reviews

Now here we go. For the last air hockey table reviews this Phazer by American Legend. Arcade style and then some.

When you play on a table like this table one all others kinda fade in comparison. It is one of the few that I’ve ever seen that has an interactive L.E.D. system.

Check this out : the lights are in the rails and run the full length of the table. The colors it uses are red, white, and blue. Not only does it light up, it keeps track of the score! Red if that side is winning, white if the score is tied and blue if the other team is winning. How cool is that?

With this air hockey table review, she is a full size table at 7.5 feet in length so it is not for the faint of heart. Use someone who is proficient with tools to install it or simply hire it out. It will be worth it.

The legs and overall construction for this air hockey table are super sturdy and made to withstand abuse. The legs themselves are massive and angled with cross-wall supports so there is no movement. 4.5 inch wide siderails are set to keep the puck in play.

Most other tables use stickers for the lines on the playing surface. Not so with the Phazer as these are painted on so you get an ultra fast and durable playing surface. Besides using the L.E.D. system for scoring it also has an electronic score keeper so you can focus on the game.

The blower is a thing of beauty as it utilizes a powerful 120V, 60HZ, 1.2A motor with a thermal protector and on/off switch.

It’s a large table so be aware that it will take up some room wherever you want to put it. Most of the people I know get a table like this for a gameroom where it fits nicely. Maybe next to an arcade style game or something.

Overall, we give this air hockey table a solid 10.

Comes ready to play with 4 pucks and 4 strikers.

Click Here To View The American Legend Hockey Table on Amazon


 Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Table Review

The entertainment value of a great air hockey table cannot be described. It fills a person with joy and can become the center of attention for those who are hoping to have a lot of fun as they are playing.

Why not enjoy the air hockey table for all that it has to provide?

Let’s take a look at the beautiful “Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Table” and what it provides those who are looking to be entertained.

Key Features

1) Beautiful Glossy White Playing Surface
2) Includes Triangular Scorer With LED Lights
3) Comes With Deep Inner Rails For Better Gameplay
4) Easy To Use Dual End Puck Return After Scoring
5) Includes 110v Motor With Air Flow Of 80 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Fun To Play

What is the most important thing with an air hockey table?

The idea is to make sure the table is entertaining and fun to play for those who are grabbing the handles and having a go. This is a world-class solution with an emphasis on having fun and making sure a person can have a blast repeatedly.

Lovely Handles

The handles are exquisitely designed to ensure those who are playing do not slip or lose control at any point. The handles have an ergonomic design ensuring gameplay is consistent, and a person can enjoy as they are pushing the puck down to the other end of the table.

Air Hockey Table Review

The Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Table is a robust table that has been made with the finest materials and can withstand pressure easily. This is a compelling option that is going to add value now and in the future for a person’s property. Whether it is going in the basement or a customized gaming room, an air hockey table of this magnitude is a perfect addition.

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Playcraft’s 7′ Center Ice Air Hockey Table Review

As far as air hockey tables go, the Playcraft Center Ice 7′ is as premium as they get. The $600 price tag may seem steep at first, but the features are nothing short of impressive, and the construction quality is immaculate. It’s like they always say – you get what you pay for!

Electronic Scoring on the Best Air Hockey Table

Now, on to those aforementioned features. The air fan is powered by a 120 volt motor, giving each game the intensity necessary for tons of fun and even some serious competition if that’s your passion. The scorer is fully electronic and it hides away nicely inside of the side railing.

That’s definitely not all! Of primary importance is the playing field. On this model, it comes covered in glossy PVC laminate material made with a sturdy 3/4ths of an inch thick. The leg levelers are 5 inches in diameter, providing plenty of stability. The legs, of which there are six, also have their own inherent stability given the pedestal style construction.

Quality Air Hockey Table

Of course, everything you need to play is included with the purchase. Each game should go off without a hitch thanks to the sizable top rails. You won’t have to worry about your pucks flying off in all directions like with many other air hockey tables of lesser quality!

Air Hockey Table Review

Ultimately, the Playcraft Center Ice Air Hockey Table is a fantastic product that is worth every penny of its seemingly lofty price tag. The quality of the materials used is impeccable, and actually playing games with it provides the ideal air hockey experience across the board. With tons of power, a sizable 84 by 48 inch top, and optional electronic scoring, this is the kind of model that would be the absolute center piece of any game room, bar, garage, or “man cave” it finds its way to.

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air hockey table review

NHL Hover Hockey Game with Table Tennis Top

Want to have fun? Want to be able to call friends over and play a game on the best air hockey table or table tennis? It’s time to look at the NHL 80-Inch Hover Hockey Game with Table Tennis Top and what it brings to your property. This is the perfect addition for those wanting to experience fun in a whole new manner.

Key Features

1) Robust 2 In 1 Table Set (Hockey + Table Tennis)
2) Includes Simple LED Scoring To Track All Action
3) Scratch Resistance Surface (GlazeTek Coating)
4) Easy Setup With Leg Leveling System
5) Includes Table, 2 Pucks, 2 Pushers, 2 Paddles, 1 Net, And 2 Balls

Simple Installation of the Best Air Hockey Table

Want to have the table set up and running? What if you want to switch sides? It takes less than a few seconds to turn the table into the activity you wish to participate in, and that is one of its best features. The simple leg leveling system ensures setup is as easy as it gets.

2 In 1 Air Hockey Table Review

Why not save space and get a 2 in 1 table set? This has a table that works for table tennis and hover hockey at the same time. This is the ultimate solution for those wanting both in one package.

The NHL 80-Inch Hover Hockey Game with Table Tennis Top is a world-class table set designed for those who want to make a neat addition to their games room and want to do it at a cost-efficient price. This is a robust, easy to use system that works well in all conditions.

The intricate coating will ensure scratches are not an issue and that it lasts.

This is the ultimate table set for those wanting perfection and wish to have fun for a long time to come.

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