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Best Bubble Hockey Table

best bubble hockey table


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Best Bubble Hockey Table

What we have here is a game for all ages that is so much fun to play! You really don’t even need to be a hockey fan, although if you are more power to you. The rules and simple and the game is awesome. Even Jimmy Fallon likes the best Bubble Hockey table!

There are the best bubble hockey tables to fit most every budget and the ones they make now are much more sturdy than when I was young. Really, the best bubble hockey table are made to last for years.

You really don’t need too much room to play on these tables either. Sure if you have a large gameroom or basement you may be better off, but I’ve even seen some of the best bubble hockey table in apartments and dorms that played very well.

The glass that comes with these is nearly shatterproof and keeps the playing surface from spills and dust. You can get many combinations of players, from solid colors to team jerseys. I’ve always been partial to solid colors.

Typically the best bubble hockey tables are pretty heavy to prevent them from shaking or falling over. Makes it harder for little ones to move it as well.


bubble hockey 1

Carrom Bubble Hockey Table Review

This is the Super Stick Hockey Table by Carrom for our first best bubble hockey table review and one of the big reasons I really like it is because not only does it fit nicely into a family budget, but you get a nice best bubble hockey table too.

Sacrificing quality for price is never a good thing. With this you don’t have to.

I guess the first thing that stands out to me is the simple, compact design this offers. Nothing wrong with bells and whistles but sometimes simple is best.

The durability of the best bubble hockey table is excellent with the cabinet made from heavy duty material that resists wear and tear. The white, fiberglass rods are nearly unbend-able which is great for the younger kids that can be rough on things.

It is proudly made in the USA, the players are solid red and blue colors and very lifelike, realistic looking.

It weighs 140 pounds so it does not move around while you are playing, yet if you have a couple of guys it will move for easy cleaning if need be.

The nearly shatterproof dome is able to be removed easily even after setup if you want to replace players or simply clean the surface. Speaking of the playing surface, it is made of highly rugged, 1/4 inch Masonite material that is resistant to scratching and the paint is very bright and clean looking.

Make sure you have enough room to put this as it takes up some space. Not too much though, as it is fairly compact as I mentioned earlier. Measures 58 x 47 x 45.25 inches (W x H x D). A game room or basement is perfect. I don’t recommend garages unless they have climate control. The extreme temperatures may warp the table otherwise.

The dome has electronic scoring and sounds to make for exciting play that everyone will enjoy. The 2 pucks that come with it are placed in play by a little slot on the top of the dome.

Comes fully assembled except for the legs and scoring unit so set-up is a cinch!

Click Here To View The Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table


hockey table 4

Carrom Bubble Hockey Table Review

Here is the Signature 435.01 Table by Carrom for our next bubble hockey table review. I guess the name pretty much says it all.

A very nice table that is great for the more avid player. This not some cheap off brand. It will last years and years if properly cared for.

The sleek design is enhanced by the heavy duty pedestal it sits on. Talk about being sturdy. Easily levels for a fair surface. When you have your friends over to play, that is usually the first thing they comment on.

This playing surface of this best bubble hockey table is made of thick styrene and has custom coated lines and graphics for very fast paced play. The table measures 58 by 51 by 33.75 inches (W x H x D) with the rods and weighs 185 pounds, so it is not going anywhere once it is set.

One of the features I like it the battery powered scoring and sound effects which automatically shuts down if there is no activity after 3 minutes. Makes it feel like a real hockey game!

The rods are made of white fiberglass, factory assembled and very durable. I still wouldn’t hang on them though! Heavy gauge cabinet material helps make this last and not wear down.

Being proudly made in the USA and having the gears precision-injection-molded with internal slip clutches to reduce wear and slippage are some other great features this table has.

Cup holders. It has 4 cup holders. Enough said.

Nearly shatterproof dome is clean and clear, while the solid color players it comes with really stand out.

Comes fully assembled except for the pedestal, scoring unit, cup holders, and corners. The corners are for protecting the table from any bumps and bruises,as well as little people hitting their heads on a sharp angle.

If you are looking for the best bubble hockey table this is definitely one to check out.

Click Here To View The Carrom 435.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table


Bubble Hockey Table Review

Here we go. This last best bubble hockey table review. The ICE Deluxe by Super Chexx.

They thought of everything when they designed this table. From the indestructible dome that covers the entire playing area to the great sound effects and electronic scoring. The dome is hinged for easy cleaning and maintenance.

There is the old “boo” button that I came to love as a kid too.

The electronic puck system is really cool. Every time a goal is scored, it automatically pops back up in the middle of the “ice” so you don’t have to drop it in from the top of the dome.

The cabinet is made from aluminum which is very strong and durable but is not as bulky or heavy as steel to make it easier to move.

Dimensions of the table are 60in D x 30in W x 54in H and it weighs 170 lbs, so be sure to have a couple strong people available to help lift it to where you want it.

Best Bubble Hockey Table

This best bubble hockey table would look great next to your pool table or foosball table, just make sure you have the room!

The rods have very comfortable grips and are very strong. Players are white, blue colors and highly moveable. The game sounds make it exciting and fun. Expect very fast paced play for the best bubble hockey table.

Having a playing surface this clean and durable helps the table last a long time. Overhead dome lighting is pretty neat to see too.

Even though it’s more expensive than some tables, the best bubble hockey table is worth getting a tournament quality one if you plan on playing a lot. Great for Christmas and birthday gifts!

Click Here To View The ICE Super Chexx Non-Coin Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey Table



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