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Foosball Table Reviews

Best Foosball Table

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Best Foosball Table Reviews

What a fantastic game to play. This has always held a special place in my heart because it was the first game my siblings and I played growing up. Such fierce games and endless hours of fun! And making the Foosball Table Reviews was just as fun!

I want everyone to enjoy playing foosball as much as I do which is why I created the foosball table reviews. You can start at a pretty young age by learning how to play and the rules. You get very good at it if you want to. To play the right way there is no spinning the rods allowed. It takes the skill away and is very hard on the table.

Instead, get a firm grip and twist with a quick motion. I always played the offensive players while my brothers played the defensive ones. We got very good. Just saying.

Really for as large a table as these can be, they are very affordable and easy to put together. You will need a decent size room to put this in however just because the rods are pretty long.

The older tables had corners that sloped back to the playing surface but that got old because you never knew where the ball would come back. Now it’s a nice flat playing surface with a player able to get the ball anywhere on the surface.

Different colors offer something for everyone, whether you like jet black or even a design. I’ve always been partial to a black table and a green playing surface. The colors of the players can differ too.

You can use a “soccer style” ball or just a white ball to play with. They are hard and provide a very fast paced game. Scoring is usually abacus style and you play first to 10 goals wins.

Leg levelers are the way to go to keep the table nice and even. Most are heavy enough to stay in one place and not move once you get it like you want. The material used in the construction is built to last years and withstand abuse. Ours lasted many, many years.

I will be going over some of these awesome recommendations with you, so you can be well informed when buying a table.

We have brands from Triumph to Tornado Foosball Table Reviews.

Never a bad gift to give, enjoy this excellent game!





warrior foosball tableWarrior Professional Foosball Table Review


The first, The Warrior Professional Foosball Table has everything we need to play a great game!

Classic black color with chrome rods and detailing make it look like the best foosball tables I played on when I was young.

Manual scoring on both ends goes to 10, while the ball return on each side make it very convenient.

The size for the best foosball table are big but not too big, so you won’t need a ton of room. A gameroom, basement or even a break room will work nicely.

Leg levelers ensure an even playing surface, while the sturdy legs last for a long time. A green playing field with great graphics and solid players are made to withstand heavy use. A home and away team gives you a choice.

The metal rods are almost unbend-able and the comfort grips provide excellent hand holds. The playing surface is flat with no “dead” areas even though the corners are not angled. Players can reach every inch.

Easy to put together, you only need to follow the directions and have a couple of small tools this is important when writing these reviews. The official manufacturer website also has available a video to follow when putting it together. Weighing around 120 pounds makes it easy to move for cleaning.

This table is a nice addition for any foosball enthusiast!

Click Here to Buy the Professional Foosball Table


foosball 3The Primo Foosball Table


This next review is the Primo Soccer Foosball Table by Hathaway and I really like the nice, dark espresso look this brings.

4 cup holders will do the trick when it comes to re-hydrating after a match. The chrome adds a unique touch and the square black legs make sure it stays sturdy for a long time.

Solid 1-1/8 MDF butcher block style cabinet with glossy green “field” is really solid.

Leg levelers ensure an even playing surface, while the ball return is on the side which I like too. Gets you back in the action very quickly.

It is not hard to put together and does not take very long if you have a couple of small hand tools.

Home and away teams are brown and chrome which is really unique as you usually see red and blue or a similar variation. I believe this is one of the few foosball tables I have seen with this colorway.

The playing field dimensions are 56 x 30.5 x 34.5 inches and weighs in at 130 pounds. It will fit well in most any room you have, just make sure you can move the rods without hitting something!

All the players are ABS counter balanced and are mounted on 5/8 inch chrome-plated, solid steel rods with E-Z spin bearings for fast, smooth play. Some of the foosball table bearings you can buy.

Manual scoring to 10 and chrome corners finish the great look this table has!

When writing these reviews we found this to be an excellent table.

Click Here To View The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table


foosball 4

The Tornado Foosball Table Reviews

The last best foosball table is this professional table and the Tornado review brand is used in both the USA and international tournaments.

For serious players and people serious about quality, this is for you. The Tornado by Valley-Dynamo.

The best foosball table I’ve ever played on have been these bad boys.

Ask anyone who plays foosball for real and you will get the same answer. How they are made, the materials and the layout all are well thought out by people who know the game.

Proudly made in Richland Hills, Texas since 1982, the craftsmanship is second to none.

Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1 inch thick cabinet with height adjustable legs and boot levelers make for a sturdy, sweet set-up. Throw in SureGrip black plastic handles that are extremely comfortable even after rough use, end ball returns and you are good to go.

If you own a bar or arcade this will stand up to the abuse and keep on ticking. I’ve known Tornado foosball tables to last for over 25 years!

Not hard to set up at all the dimensions are 34″ tall, 57″long, and 43″ wide including the handles. It weighs 200 pounds so make sure you have enough people to lift it where you want to set it up.

The players are yellow and black, which look really nice when paired with the chrome rods. These rods are just about unbreakable and are very smooth in rotation.

The playing surface is made for speed which is important when choosing this foosball table for the Tornado foosball table reviews. Expect very fast paced action every time the ball enters the playing field through the side port.

Growing up my parents always said to buy an excellent product once, rather than a mediocre product many times. And that goes for any type of table. That rule really applies to this foosball table. I make it a habit to play on any Tornado if I have the chance!

So, if you are looking for the best foosball tables brands and won’t settle for anything less, here is the on for you. Oh and it comes with 2 foosballs as well, so you will be ready to play as soon as set up is complete.

Click Here To View The Tornado Sport Foosball Table





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