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Best Shuffleboard Table

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Most of us have been to a bar or arcade that has the best shuffleboard table. If you haven’t, you should. Not only is it a great way to spend time waiting for your drinks, it is fun to play and I rank it up there with pool and foosball.

The tables themselves may be long but really you don’t need a ton of space to play. They run between 9 and 22 feet, standard. It’s pretty narrow in width and not very tall. Even if you are short you can still enjoy this game.

A really great gift for the whole family as anyone can play, I know friends of mine who bought a table for Christmas and everyone  enjoys it.

The best shuffleboard table usually comes with wax to keep the playing surface fast and durable. If not, it’s cheap to buy.

The wood is hard, durable and designed to keep it’s shape. Canada Maple, Michigan Hard Rock Maple, Walnut, and Cherry provide different colors and grains. Butcher block is the look this invokes.

The garage or shed is not a good place for this as the humidity can seriously damage the integrity of the table. Climate changers come with most best shuffleboard table so you can tighten it up if need be.

If electronic score keepers are your thing there are a lot of choices but most have the abacus style of scoring. I like the old fashioned way myself!

Pucks are red, blue and glide very well. Fast paced action is what we want for this game. You can always purchase extra ones to find the best for your type of gameplay.

Upkeep is minimal as long as you keep it in a climate controlled environment.

Whichever one you choose be prepared to have fun!



shuffleboard table 1

 9 Foot Platinum by Atomic Shuffleboard Review

One of the many reasons I like this table is because of it’s space saver size.

This best shuffleboard table comes in at only 9 feet in length means you don’t need a huge space to put it in. Even an apartment is a great place it. True dimensions are 108.25L x 24.25W 31H  and weighs 221 pounds.

The modern styling and sleek accents look good in any room, while the leg levelers ensure an even playing field. That is a critical part of shuffleboard.

Not very difficult to put together, just make sure you have some simple hand tools available.

The ultra durable playing surface is Poly-Coated and is surrounded by a cradle of black cloth that compliments the exterior of the table.

Comes with 4 blue pucks, 4 red pucks and a can of shuffleboard wax for very fast action. Abacus style scoring so you know when you have beaten your opponent.

I like it because it has that arcade look which brings back good memories for me. I played on a similar table when I was young.

The hardwood surface has the butcher block look which is really pretty to look at and will take plenty of abuse and come back for more.

Scoring points is easy because the lines and numbers are a wide, black print which is simple to read. Getting the right scoring touch may be a little more difficult though!

This best shuffleboard table would look great next to your foosball table in the rec room or basement too. A top seller for sure!

Click Here To View The Atomic 9′ Platinum Shuffleboard Table

 The Woodbridge Shuffleboard Review

shuffle 3

If you are going for a table that has a lot of wood tones then here she is. This best shuffleboard table comes in Cherry, Espresso, Honey Oak, Medium Wood or Light Wood colors so it will pretty much match any room you choose to put it in.

The size varies too as you can get 9, 12, 14 or 16 foot lengths. Nice to have choices, huh?

It comes with climate adjusters underneath and can take up to a week to become level, as it needs to get used to the temperature of the room.

Leg levelers are made from rigid, reinforced double-paneled pedestal legs that are made to last.

If you get a larger version make sure to have at least 2 strong people to put it together and put it where you want it. Because of the excellent quality of this entry level tournament table, it is pretty heavy.

Something that is pretty unique about the legs is that it has a storage cabinet in them. Great for keeping the pucks when not in use.

The playing surface is very durable, 1 5/8″ thick and made from solid edge glued vertical stave butcher block wood pieces, so be prepared for a very fast, slick game. This is not a laminate surface, it is real wood finished with 10 coats of polyurethane.

All 4 corners are made of solid wood and the walls, gutters are carpeted all the way around with nice, black carpet. Soft landings even when the pucks come flying in.

Speaking of pucks, this comes with all 8;  4 red, 4 blue so you can start playing right after it’s set up. There are different styles of wax you can get that vary depending on speed. I like the fast ones myself!

Great for the entire family or if you are starting to enter competitions. This best shuffleboard table is definitely one to consider.

Click Here To View The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table


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 The Challenger Shuffleboard Review

The Challenger comes in 3 different sizes for added convenience. 9,12 or 14 foot lengths make it easier to find the best shuffleboard table for your room.

Keeping your table out of direct sunlight will help keep it level and slow down any expansion that might occur.

If it does expand or contract no worries as it comes with integral Climate adjusters to ensure a flat playing surface no matter where you want it. Except maybe the garage. I don’t recommend garages!

You have your choice of finishes as well. Dark cherry or Walnut, with Dark Cherry being my personal favorite of the two.

One thing I would highly recommend with this particular table is that you get some strong help to assist you in unloading and putting it together. Really more for the 12 or 14 foot tables, but it wouldn’t hurt for the 9 as well.

Putting it together is pretty easy as long as you have some time and simple hand tools. I helped my friend with a similar table and it didn’t take but an hour or so.

The thick, solid 1 1/2 inch finger jointed hardwood butcher block playing surface is coated in a smooth, glossy polyurethane for durability. Expect a pretty fast game depending on which wax you like.

Also, it comes with large 6 inch independent leg levelers at the base of the legs that allow the table to be leveled on any surface, including most carpet.

When you pair a high quality surface with the durable CARB certified MDF cabinet, you can expect years of enjoyment.

A hidden cabinet in the leg keeps the included pucks and wax in a safe place when not in use. Losing pucks is never a fun thing. The abacus style scoring keeps you from having to guess or keep the score in your head. Very convenient.

Molded, cabinet-grade plywood corners keep the table from moving side to side and are made to take abuse.

I know your basement, game room or mancave would think of this best shuffleboard table as a great addition!

Click Here To View The Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard




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