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Best Poker Chips


The best poker chips are the ones that help you win, right? Seriously though, have you felt the difference between real chips and plastic ones? Big difference.

The best poker chips chips, the ones that the pros use weigh between 8-11 grams. Don’t be fooled by the “official” weight of 11.5 grams, as this is really not true. Not that if you get a heavier set it will be bad, in fact most good sets come in this weight or a little heavier even, it just won’t have the same feel as the major casino’s and tournaments use.

Best Poker Chips for the Money

You can get chips that show money denominations on them but I prefer the color system with no numerical marks on them. However, if you are just starting to learn it’s not a bad idea. When my buddies and I play, we take it pretty seriously and have a couple of the best poker chip sets. They really are not that expensive either making them the best poker chips for the money.

The question that everyone asks and rightfully so, is how many poker chips do I need to play with my friends? The rule of thumb is : for 2-3 people 250-300 chips, 4-5 people 350-500 chips, 5-6 people 500-650 chips, 6-8 people 650-750 chips, 8-10 people 750-1000 chips.

Some of the best poker chips come with a complete set plus a dealer chip and 2 decks of cards, so you are ready to play right out of the box.

The chips themselves are made of plastic or, the nicer ones are made from a ceramic composite material. No chip is true clay anymore. Back in the day they did use 100% clay chips but found them to be too soft and easily broken.

Now the high-end clay chips are a mixture of clay and a composite like chalk or sand to help keep them from breaking. They sound great too! There are many different colors to choose from.

What are the best poker chips to buy?

I will be going over some of the best poker chips reviews in the following articles to help make your purchase a ton easier!



Best Poker Chip Reviews

poker 1 The Da Vinci Casino Del Sol Best Poker Chips Review

This best poker chips review is a great place to start as far as learning the game or upgrading from cheap plastic chips.

The best poker chips set includes an aluminum case, 2 decks of cards, 5 dice,3 poker dealer buttons and 2 cut cards, so you and your buddies are ready to play right away.

The chips themselves are made of a composite with a metal core and weigh right at 11.5 grams. They have a nice feel in your hand too.

This set comes 500 chips in the following denominations : 150 Blue $1 chips, 150 Red $5 chips, 100 Green $25 chips, 50 Black $100 chips, 50 Gray $500 chips and yes, they are printed in the middle of each chip.

I like the fact that they have that official sound and feel, plus they stack really well. Nothing worse than playing poker and hearing a plastic click sound when you stack your chips!

The case itself leaves a little to be desired though. Be careful when transporting it around not to be too rough with it. Honestly you could make or buy a wooden carry case if you want something a little more sturdy.

Both card decks are ok but you may have a higher quality deck at home or you can buy one. They work well for games around the table but nothing serious like a tournament. A good deck of cards are not that expensive anyway. I just bought a good deck to go with these great chips.

At this price point, you are probably not going to find a nicer set that has the denominations printed on them. Making them the best poker chips for the money. Perfect for your next poker night!

Click Here To View The Da Vinci Casino Del Sol Poker Chips Set


 poker chips  The Best Da Vinci Best Poker Chips Review

Want custom poker chips? This next best poker chips reviews give the idea especially if you need to give gifts at Christmas or to your groomsmen. This set was designed to not only be high quality poker chips but also very gift-able.

Right off the bat you can choose between several designs that really stand out and all have that excellent casino feel.

Weighing in at 11.5 grams they not only feel good but sound great as well. Each set comes with 100 chips total, so 25 of each color of which you have 4 different colors. The box also says Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas on it.

If you plan on having poker nights like I do, you will want to buy multiple sets but no worries, the sets are very nicely priced and won’t break the bank making them the best poker chips for the money.

These nice poker chips are made of a high quality clay composite resin with a metal insert for added weight. Each chip is made to exact specifications and is perfectly balanced to make each game enjoyable. Very stack-able and feel great in your hand.

The thing I like about this set is that you can choose whether or not you want the style that comes with money denominations on the front. Most other sets either come with it or don’t. You can get the same quality of nice poker chips regardless. Your choice.

Even though these do not come with a carry case, the box will do the trick. If you want a case, you can buy a really durable one by itself. Same thing with a deck or two of cards, buy a couple nice ones to go with this great set of chips!

If you simply want a higher quality nice poker chips than you are currently using, these are for you!

Click Here To View The Da Vinci 100 Poker Chip Set


 poker chips 3    The Yin Yang Best Poker Chips Review

Here we have one of the more unique chip sets around for our next best poker chips review. The chips themselves are made from a clay composite and are very durable making them some of the best poker chips to buy.

I think what sets them apart is the design and feel. Each chip weighs in at 13.5 grams so you know they are built to last. Makes a great sound too.

Because they are on the heavy side they feel like a real high roller chip. Make no mistake, when you take this set to play with your friends they will notice a difference!

The best poker chips review set comes with numerical denominations printed on them for easy betting. High quality colors are marked as follows: $1- 150 White , $5- 150 Red , $25- 100 Green , $50- 50 Blue  , and $100-  50 Black, for a total of 500 chips.

 A nicely designed aluminum case that has a reinforced structure, heavy duty hinges, and a sponge lining for ultimate chip protection come with the set as well. In fact, you get two decks of playing cards, five red casino style dice and a dealer button too, so you are ready to play right out of the gate.

Stacking these is not a problem thanks to the precision cut. Each chip is perfectly round and you can expect to feel the difference right away. I know for me, look and feel are very important and with these I get both.

You would think this set would be expensive but it is very nicely priced making them the best poker chips for the money. Get away from those cheap plastic chips and get yourself a set of these best quality poker chips. You will be very glad you did.

Click Here To View The Yin Yang Clay Poker Chip Set




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