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Best Poker Tables

best poker tables

Yes you do. Sorry, I had to answer your question before you asked it. Yes you the best poker table to play poker with the fellas. It really makes the game that much more “official”.

They store really well so don’t say that you can’t spare the room. Fold it up and put it in the basement or garage when you are done for the night. Heck, have all your buddies pitch in and get a really nice one.

One of the best things to test for quality in the best poker tables is the stability of the table itself. The last thing you want is a table folding in on itself and ruining your very competitive game of poker. What a mess that would make, especially when you add in drinks and beer.

When you play on one that has the padded edges it is hard to play on a regular table after that. Having a padded poker table really is what makes that casino feeling. Some of these tables have been rated and compared to Vegas style playing tables. It’s those things that makes the difference between a regular folding table and the best poker table.

You can get 4,6,8 person tables or even bigger. Most come with handy cup holders for your beer and have plenty of room for your poker chips and snacks.

Cloth is nice on the best poker tables because it feels great and your cards won’t slip all over the place. There is nothing worse than having cards slip off the table because someone was not paying attention to the dealer.

If you don’t want a full table, there are some really nice poker tables with molded chip trays for a very Vegas feel.

Because there are several different kinds of the best poker tables I went ahead and reviewed one of each of the most popular kinds. All from you regular long poker table, to an octagon poker table, to a a high end exquisite poker table complete with chairs.

Whether you are a hobby player or plan to take your skills on the road, these products will enhance your game and bring true poker feel to every hand!




texas hold 'em poker tableTrademark Poker Texas Hold’em Poker Table Review

For our first poker table review we are looking at the Texas Hold’em Poker table. This is the standard poker table that most people get when they are looking to purchase the best poker table.

It’s shape and design allows for a lot of room between the 10 players, while also not being too far away from each other to make dealing difficult.

green poker tableThe edged padding gives a beautiful professional look that is comparable to the Vegas style playing tables. It is really comfortable for arm resting with all those long nights of poker playing.

And with the convenient cup holders you don’t have to worry about spilling your drinks or beer on the game.

The steel folding legs are not only great for storing between games but also has the strength to hold the 83 x 44-Inch steel frame for a good game of poker playing.

The last thing you need is someone bumping the table or the legs folding out under you. This is a strong durable table that will withstand quite a bit.

This company creates many different styles of the best poker tables. This table specifically comes in green or burgundy. Both colors are great for poker playing!

Burgundy Texas Hold’em Poker Table

Green Texas Hold’em Poker Table

octagon poker tableOctagon Poker Table Review

Having an Octagon shaped poker table is pretty cool. A table shaped liked this truly means only one thing– poker. So having the best poker table that is shaped like an octagon is pretty important to poker players.

For our next review we are looking at the best poker table by JP Commerce. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this company. But just by taking a look at the reviews and the reviews of some of their other products I can make an educated guess to say that they are a pretty great company. So many of their products have 4-5 stars that it’s a safe bet to say that they make a great quality item— and the best poker tables being no exception.

Similar to the best poker tables that we just looked at– this octagon poker table is great quality. The table itself is sturdy and one you wouldn’t have to worry about being flimsy.

The edges are padded just like similar poker tables in Vegas and with the black cup holders you can keep those drinks off the playing ground.

If you have a smaller guys night that doesn’t require a 10 person table then this would be a great table since it seats 8. Each person is close enough to reach adequately but far enough away to keep their cards close to their chest.

Overall, I am very pleased with this table. It’s high quality and offers the same thing that the bigger tables offer.

Click Here to Purchase the Octagon Poker Table

hathaway poker tableHathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table

With our last best poker table review we are going to take it up a couple notches. This gorgeous set is for those of the more serious nature in poker.

No one can deny that this is a thing of beauty with the solid wood walnut finished pedestal poker table. The faux black leather is fitted perfectly throughout the table and matching chairs. It’s a beautiful rich color that is perfect for even the best man caves or bachelor pads.

The chairs themselves are of gas tilt and swivel mechanism. It makes it easy to relax and play a good game of poker when you have chairs like these.

bumper tableThe best part of this set is that you are not only get up with the best poker table but bumper pool is also included. It’s a great game that you can enjoy after you poker game! All the accessories are included for bumper pool so you don’t have to worry about purchasing that.

No need to worry about getting a cover for the table either since all it takes is a little maneuvering with table tops and you have a beautiful hard top that protects the poker table and the bumper pool.

This is really a beautiful set and if you are serious about your poker playing you should be serious about this best poker table. It would make a great addition to any home and will add a great touch of class.

Click Here to Buy the Hathaway Kingston 3-in-1 Poker Table with 4 Chairs


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