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Best Ping Pong Table

best ping pong table

When deciding on the best table tennis table (also known as best ping pong table) for you or your friends, there are some things to consider that I think will help tremendously:

  • Do you want a mobile table or a stationary one?

Mobile is nice feature for the best ping pong table for obvious reasons like saving space when not in use, can easily be moved to another room and so on. If you have a dedicated space, I would suggest a stationary one for the simple fact that you can get the perfect set-up and just leave it there! The mobile ones that are out now are pretty quick to get going too.

  • What is the best ping pong table for the money?

If so, you really should spend the extra money for a best ping pong table. To be the best sometimes you really do need the best. It’s that simple. In the long run it will be worth it for the best ping pong table for the money. The same can be said for the rest of the equipment too. If not , a nice table is still in most peoples budgets. I have a couple friends that bought middle of the road tables and are very happy with them.

  • What type of environment will it be put in? What about the best outdoor ping pong table?

Unless you get the best outdoor ping pong table, I really don’t encourage garages. Yes I know a lot of people set their table up in them. The reason I don’t like it is because the playing surface can warp really easily. I always recommend climate controlled areas for the best table tennis table, helps with the longevity. You do want your best ping pong table to last,right?

  • Equipment storage

I have been there. You are just about to play a competitive game and bam, you can’t find the paddles or a ball. Super frustrating. Even though it may seem like a minor detail make sure you have a designated area for your paddles, balls, nets and so forth. Saves many a headache!

Let’s take a look at the best ping pong table below!



For your enjoyment I added this video of some of the best ping pong plays:

pong table 4

 The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Review

For the first best ping pong review here nice family table I highly recommend this best ping pong table. Very nicely priced making it the best ping pong table for the money and still built to last.

One of the nice things about this table is that it is SO easy to assemble. Because it is only 2 pieces instead of 4, it makes for not only better set-up but better stability as well.

It only takes about 20 minutes to set up this best ping pong table so you can get right to the action without the frustration of a long set up.

I would recommend 2 people as it does weigh around 140 pounds. Not too heavy but then again not too light as to be moving around on you while being played.

Dual safety locking devices keep the table from folding up when you don’t want it to. The 1.5 inch resin apron and steel automatic legs are used to create a more stable table that can withstand a lot of abuse. A powder coated steel undercarriage helps protect the table from rust. If you treat it right it will last for years.

The 5/8 inch wood composite surface creates a consistent ball bounce every time and this is one of JOOLA’s top selling tables for families on a budget that still want the best table tennis table.

The 2 halves can be used as free standing tables and while storing, the two separate halves can be nested together to minimize amount of storage space needed. Playback mode compatible so you can practice, net and post included. Perhaps best of all it is USATT approved!

Some other cool features include a double anti-tilting device and four transport wheels for easy rolling when moving is needed.

This is one of my favorite indoor ping pong table!

Click Here To View The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table


pong table stiga

 The STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Review

For our next ping pong table review we take a look at Stiga’s InstaPlay. As the name would suggest, this is probably the easiest table to set up on the market today. Literally ready to play out of the box. Your bubble hockey table will be jealous!

The STIGA name is one of, if not the, name in all of best table tennis table. They proudly sponsor the Chinese and Swedish national teams which just happen to be the best in the world.

Let’s start with the playing surface. A unique process that is called ” silk-screen printing” ensures that the surface is free of bubbles or stickers to make sure you get perfect ball bounce every time. The 2 inch profiled steel apron helps the top as well.

The 3/4 inch thick table top offers excellent playability any player will enjoy immensely.

Make sure that you have adequate space to play a competitive game before you buy the best ping pong table. The dimensions are W: 60 inches D: 108 inches H: 30 inches. Not too bad for a decent size room.

The sturdy 2 inch square legs are made of heavy-gauge steel for a very solid base, while the plastic leg caps protect your floors from scratches or dents. Carpet is ok too.

Also, 3 inch ball-bearing wheels help the table smoothly roll over surfaces for easy transportability while the 4 locking wheels keep the table in place for added stability and safety.

I love the fact that STIGA thought of every aspect of this table through and it is still budget friendly!

The best table tennis table also has a super compact storage position that allows the two table halves to nest into one another, while a safety latch system at the base of the legs makes sure your table won’t open by accident. Includes a playback position too.

The best ping pong table includes a 66 inch net and post set with Velcro tension adjustment so you can always keep the net taut, with no slack. Nothing worse than a saggy net right?

A worthy competition table for you!

Click Here To View The STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table


pong outdoor

 The JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Table Tennis Review


For our last ping pong table review is this outdoor table that actually holds up to weather. JOOLA did not mess around when they made this table tennis review.

It comes with a rust resistant, powder coated metal undercarriage and trolley system with 4 durable wheels to move it around. The 2 halves come together nicely for a level playing surface which is perfect for the best ping pong table.

You can literally keep this in your yard if you want. I’ve seen them in garages as well. Humidity does not faze this best table tennis table.

The other features are great too like locking casters, locking halves when folded down for play, and anti-tilting devices to ensure smooth, sturdy play.

This best ping pong table also comes with a 6mm table top made of an aluminum composite material that is made for weather. Even the official net is weatherproof. The way the ball comes off the surface you would think this was an indoor table.

Very easy to set-up and move around. I would suggest 2 people to roll it around if you put it on grass, as it is pretty heavy. You also may want to invest in a cover if you plan to keep it in the rain 24/7, just to keep it nice and new.

This best table tennis table is great for parties and competitive games between friends. Makes a nice Birthday or Christmas gift too!

Has the playback option for when you want to practice by yourself. Folds up for easy storing. Now if only your pool table would save space like this!

Don’t let lack of room hold you back, just move it outside! It would be the best outdoor ping pong table.

Click Here To View The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table




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