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Floating Ping Pong Table for Pool

floating ping pong table 1

Sometimes you want to do more than just swim in your pool. Here is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Sharpen your hand-eye coordination and have fun doing it. Who hasn’t wanted to play ping pong in a pool?

Most of these floating tables can also be used out of the pool, so it can be used year ’round if you live in a northern state where the weather allows only about 4 months of hot weather.

Don’t get me wrong. These are not competition tables by any means but they sure are fun to play with friends and family. Make sure your pool is shallow enough to play. These are not life saving devices, so don’t expect to float on them.

They are very light and easy to set-up with hardly any space taken up for storage.

Growing up I never had the chance to play on one of these. It was always a basketball hoop or volleyball which is still fun but the first time I got to use one of these as an adult, I really enjoyed it. It’s nice and challenging!

The paddles are obviously a bit different but after a little while you get used to them. The balls are just regular ping pong balls, so you don’t have to buy anything special.

A great thing about this floating game is that it is very affordable for everyone. Made to last if you treat it well. I would recommend that you take it out of the water after you are done for the day.

Remember that person who has a birthday in the summer? You’re welcome!




The Swimline Table Review

floating ping pong table 2


A simple yet sturdy table design that will provide hours of fun while being easy on the wallet.

Actual dimensions are 54 inches x 27 inches of soft foam material that is built to last.

The hard surface top provides great ball action and good bounce even with the wet conditions of a pool.

This table includes oversized floating paddles so you are not diving for them, net with sturdy supports and three regulation ping pong balls.

Be sure that any kids who play on this know that it is not a tube or chair to be sat on, it is obviously not tethered in any way. Don’t want anyone hurt.

I really like the easy set-up and storage capabilities it has. No taking up space in your small pool house!

Letting this dry out of the pool when you are finished for the day will help make it last for many summers.

Another great feature is that it has soft sides that make it safe for those who swim close to the table as you are playing. Great for adults and children.

You can also use it as a tabletop game outside the pool, whether on the patio, in the house or even on a card table in the yard. Many ways to play this fun game!


Click Here To View The Swimline Floating Pool Ping Pong Table


 floating ping pong table 3      The Swim Central Table Review


Just as the 2 girls in the picture are having fun, you too can enjoy this easy to set-up table.

Notice how compact it is as to not take up too much space in the pool or storage area.

The anti-glare playing surface is built to withstand direct sunlight for a long, long time and not fade. Chlorine does not faze it either. The top is hard for nice ping pong action, while the bottom is a nice, soft foam.

Can be used in or out of the pool, so you can have fun even if the pool season is over. Fits extremely well on a kitchen or large card table. A picnic table would work just fine too.

Comes with 2 floating paddles, 2 balls and a heavy duty net that is made very well. I like the fact that the paddles float.

Actual dimensions are 2 inches x 54 inches x 27 inches, perfect for both large and small pools. Heck you could even use this in a hot tub!

The recommended ages are ages 4 and up but really most everyone enjoys this game. As long as the end of the pool is shallow enough, almost anyone can play!

I would say the one I played on was very similar to this table and I had a lot of fun.

Make sure you take it out and let it air dry from time to time when not in use. This just helps ensure that it does not become too water logged. Throw it up on the deck and let the sun take care of it. Simple as that.

Whether you buy this for your family or for a large pool party, you can be sure it will be a hit!

Click Here To View The Swim Central Floating Ping Pong Table


floating ping pong table 1

 The Poolmaster Table Review


This might be my favorite of the floating table category and it’s not just the color of the paddles either.

It has features like a non-corrosive EPS foam base that unfolds quickly and easily to get you playing fast, to the molded compartments built into the underside of the table for easy storage of the game components.

I also like the fact that the set includes 2 oversize paddles, net with uprights, and 3 regulation ping pong balls.

Being very affordable is great too that way you can have more fun at the pool without breaking the bank.

The playing surface gives good bounce and you can get some nice spin on the ball too. It is both challenging and fun to play in a pool!

The net that comes with it is both durable and stays up very well. I was a bit skeptical as to if the net would flap around but it does not. Stays in one place on the top.

Using regular ping pong balls is nice that way you don’t have to worry about keeping track of special balls, especially if you lose them.

Underneath the top is the foam base I mentioned earlier. It dries very quickly in the sun so you can store it without soaking everything else. Just let it air dry for a little while before putting it into storage.

I like the foam base just in case a person swims underneath, they won’t hurt their head if they hit the table.

Not to be used as a floatation device of any kind.

Can be used in or out of the pool, just set it up on a table and start playing!

I really enjoy playing on this table and I know you will too!

Click Here To View The Poolmaster Floating Ping Pong Table




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