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Best Pool Table For Home

best pool table for home

Pool tables for home. Not just any table will do for the way you want to play. Everyone is unique in the way they pick one. First thing to do before buying your awesome best pool table for home is make sure you have enough room for what you want.

Now, I realize a lot of you already know your room dimensions.Bear with me. I’ll break it down for you right here and remember, this is the MINIMUM requirement for a standard 58″ cue : for a 7′ pool table 13’x16′, for a 8′ pool table 13’6″x17, and for a 9′ pool table 14’x18′ .If you are challenged for space never fear because there are folding pool tables as well. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to the good stuff.

The felt you get on your best pool table for home is up to you. There is every color of the rainbow and then some! Custom teams or logos look pretty sweet as well. Picking it out is half the fun! The rule of thumb is that the thicker the felt,the longer it lasts.No wrinkles to contend with,no pilling and it’s harder to tear.

The slate on your best pool table for home should be no less then 1″ thick per WPA rules. Most good tables come with 1″ slate, so you don’t have to worry about that.The rails should be made of solid wood,usually around 6″ or so wide. I like the 6″ one’s because of how they play,while some like them a little smaller.

Most best pool table for home will come with 18 sights ( or 17 and a nameplate ) and they can vary in shape from circle to diamond. The cushion rubber is K66 or thereabouts to insure there is little to no jumping of the ball.

Ball returns are nice just because you can set up a new game faster. Maybe.The drop pockets are not bad either. Again it’s personal preference. There are excellent tables with ball returns and excellent tables without.

Now it’s time to pick out which type of table you want. Do you prefer wood or metal? I like wood because of the grain and different color stains out there. Don’t get me wrong,there are some really sweet metal table’s as well. I just might be old school!

When looking at a table notice the legs. The best pool table for home should get bigger as they near the table for maximum stability. You don’t want any movement from your table if you can help it. No blaming a miss on your table! The way some metal tables are configured are very strong as well. When it’s all said and done make sure the table that you get is one that YOU want and that it will last for many,many games!



hathaway pool table reviewHathaway Hustler Pool Table Review

The first best pool table for home we will look at is the Hustler by Hathaway Billiards. Ever since 1978 these guys have been churning out great table after great table. This is no exception. One of the nicest tables I have played on!

The quality is very evident throughout, from the quality MDF body, legs and rails, to the high quality felt that comes with it. This is a very nice addition to any serious pool players rec room.

Coming in at 7 feet long, this is a great one to get ready for the tournaments you may want to enter, or your friends who think you can’t ever beat them.

Very smooth playing surface that is made to withstand very rigorous play and keep you coming back. The bumpers play really well and are extremely durable lasting for many, many years, like the felt. The legs and sides give it a very modern, yet inviting feel too.

This may not be your type of look in the best pool table for home, but it really does go well with most decors. Being able to choose from several different kinds of felt helps fit most needs when it comes to matching your particular room. Great for homes, as well as bars and pubs.

I would advise a nice set to match the quality of this table. After all, a great table deserves great accessories!

The price is another thing that sets this apart. You usually get what you pay for, but with this best pool table for home you get a lot more. I’ve played on much more expensive tables that were not near as good as this one. The quality of play is exceptional. No matter what your playing style is, this table will be able to keep you playing great pool for a lifetime!

Click Here to View the Hathaway Hustler Pool Table

fat cat pool table reviewFat Cat Tuscan Pool Table Review

The next best pool table for home we will be checking out is the Tuscan Pool Table for the Fat Cat Pool Table Review.

This kinda has the classic pool table look you might see in a commercial or movie. The black onyx finish, which is applied in a 14 step process for durability, reminds me of a detective show I used to watch when I was younger. I’ve since played on one like this and it is a lot of fun!

Quality MDF is great for awesome pool tables. It’s not too heavy, but gives the quality feel and smoothness you rarely find with other pool tables.

Another great feature is the blue polyester cloth this comes with. It will stand up to years of play and resists burns, chalk marks and rips very well. Even if you scratch, you will be ok.

Strong legs on the best pool table for home make leveling this a simple process. The bumpers play well and are not too soft by any means. The pearlized rail sights add a nice flair to the overall look and feel.

Even though this has a game room feel to it, matching other rooms is not that difficult. The mix of onyx and chrome may not suite some, but in most basements, bars and rec rooms it will make a great addition. Because it is 7 feet long, make sure you have the space for it. Having the right lighting will also further enhance your playing experience!

Hidden bucket pockets and a built in ball alcove, this best pool table for home is a sweet set up for anyone looking to get serious about their game!

Click Here to View Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table


donovon pool table review

Mizerak Donovan II 8 Foot Billiard Table Review

The last best pool table for home we will look at is the Donovan 8 foot Pool Table Review.

A very nice playing experience awaits you with this one. The sturdy body comes in hardwood that is built to last. The rails, legs and body come in a beautiful sleek black color that really catches the eye. When I play on a table like this one it’s hard to play on any other table!

We see that it comes with 1 inch backed slate as all good tables do. The balls roll the smoothest and the rails play the best with slate,  so there is no slowing your game down!

As you can see in the description it comes in at 8 feet long. Not the largest you can get but you are still going to need plenty of room. One of the worst things that can happen to a player is not having enough room to make that difficult shot. Been there.

Mizerak Billiards have been making the best pool tables for home since 1978 and it shows in the workmanship and attention to detail. The wood carvings on the legs are pretty ornate, while the genuine leather pockets give it the manly look. Some may not like the antique wood look, but I really like it and always have.

The tournament wool felt resists burn and chalk marks very well while at the same time providing the quality you would expect from a top notch table. The table itself comes in as a little expensive but is very much worth the money, especially if you have aspirations to play at a higher level. It plays fast but not too fast.

It comes with the full billiards set up of balls, cues, rack and chalk but you may want to upgrade to something better later on. It’s up to you!

This best pool table for home will be the highlight of any room or area that you choose to put it in and your friends will be jealous!

Click Here to View Mizerak Donovon Billiard Table









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