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Best Ping Pong Tables

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Best Quality Pool Tables

best quality pool tablesClick Here To View Top Rated Pool Tables

There are many, many different brands to navigate through when it comes to buying the best quality pool tables. We will go through the better ones and give a brief synopsis of each one. Remember that the best quality pool tables for you may not be the best for someone else.

How much room you have and what kind of budget play key roles when purchasing your table best quality pool tables.

Best Quality Pool Tables

Here are some of the main players in best quality pool tables in no particular order:

* Empire –

This is an affordable, sturdy pool table. The Pavillion Series table comes with 1″ slate and really nice leather pockets. If you like the more classic wood look then this best pool table is for you!

The Signature Series Northman has very antique looking, hand crafted legs made from solid maple wood and 1″ slate as well.

* Brunswick –

This is a higher echelon brand of table. Owners of Brunswick refuse to buy anything else because of the quality of each and every table. One of the many great features is that their slate is diamond honed, precision machined and leveled to within 1/100 of an inch! Quite possibly the nicest tables I’ve ever played on. Various sizes are perfect for any place you may want to put it.

Whether it be the classic looking Danvers or the elegant Broadway table, these guys are hard to beat.

* Fat Cat-

This is a very, very affordable brand of the best quality pool tables. The thing that makes it unique is that it usually doesn’t use slate, it uses Accuslate. I’m usually against anything but slate tables, but when I played on the Fat Cat I was pleasantly surprised that it played so well!

Another cool feature is that they have many different sizes so if you need a space saver this is your brand.

Accuslate is a high density fiberboard that is coated with a PVC material. There are many companies who make different variations of fake slate but Accuslate has a 7 year warranty against warpage which is much more than most “fake slate” companies have! They are also easier to put together for the most part and cost much less than slate. Fat Cat also has some arcade styles which look pretty neat.

Chroma pool table

* Triangle Billiards –

These guys have been around since 1978 and make some of the most unique looking best quality pool table on the market.Their models range from 7-9 feet long.  They use 1″ slate and the Chroma has ultra modern chrome pillars and commercial grade pockets for a very modern look.

The felt comes in different color options which is a plus if your wanting a certain color.

The Estate table comes with a very neat storage drawer built into it! It has a solid hardwood body, legs and rails. The finish is antique walnut with green felt for a stylish look. Very nice 1″ slate playing surface. Incredibly smooth.

Whichever table you choose to go with, the best quality pool tables will provide you with years of good times with friends and family!




best quality pool tables

 Empire Best Pool Table Review

The first best quality pool tables we will be taking a hard look at is the Empire Solid Maple Wood 8 Foot Table.

When you look at the workmanship and quality of this table, doesn’t it make you want to play pool? For me this is one of the most rich and classic looking tables anywhere. The ornate legs and body are made of solid hardwood, just as we have come to expect from these guys.

Fast, Smooth Surface

As per the usual we have 1 inch backed slate, a feature that is a must for any serious pool player and cannot be overlooked. A smooth, fast surface is the best. The deep, rich maple wood this best pool table uses is perfect for the mancave or the basement. Your friends will be wanting to come over and play all the time trust me!

ManCave Quality

Be aware that this is no kid’s table, so even though it is made to withstand abuse, you wouldn’t want to keep this just anywhere. A well lit place with no moisture would be perfect. Keep it covered at all times so as not to ruin the durable tournament felt! Speaking of felt, the high quality stuff that comes with this makes for fast play, while leaving no burn or chalk marks.

The rails play well and are not too slow. Getting good spin is easy as well. The diamond eye sights go well with this look too.

I would suggest professional installation because of the weight of the best pool table and you want to get the most out of your investment. A sloppily built table is rough to play on no matter what the cost of the table! It also includes a start up package that has everything you need to start playing right out of the box.

If you’re looking to step your game up this best quality pool tables is for you!

Click Here to Buy the Empire Pool Table

quality pool table

Playcraft Southport 8′ institutional slate pool

The next best quality pool tables we will be checking out is the 8 foot Southport by Playcraft.

Just the name Playcraft will make serious players perk up and take note. The name alone speaks precision and beauty, while long-lasting is an understatement. The Playcraft I played on as a young lad is still going strong today!

Not only is the slate precision honed, 1 inch thick and the body made of solid wood with a cherry finish, even the pockets are incredible too.The arches underneath add a touch of class, while the claw and ball feet provide a solid base. You will not get any movement whatsoever from this table.

Coming in at 8 feet long, make sure you have adequate room for this best quality pool table. Not only is this for the more serious player, it is a focal point of any room you put it in. Looks great with bar stools too!

The drop pockets and ball return is superb. It comes with a full set of everything you need to get playing. I would recommend getting better cues later on. The ones that come with it are all right to start with.

With a price like this it may not be for everyone, but if you want the best quality pool tables sure to bring out your best, this is for you!

Click Here to Buy the Playcraft Southport Pool Table


fatcat pool table reviewMinnesota Fats Pool Table Review

The last best quality pool tables we will be looking at in detail is the 7 Foot Westmont by Minnesota Fats.

The solid wood material goes very well with the cherry finish veneer. One of my favorite color schemes. Extra wide 5-3/4 rails make it simple to get good spin on the ball.Inlaid sights help with aim points.

This best pool table is a good value for a table as well. The price isn’t too bad if you’re looking for something more than a rec table. The years this will last makes it worthwhile! Having played on some very expensive tables, as in $12,000 or more, I can tell you this one plays great for the price.

The wool felt is a professional grade blend that is built for speed and durability. It comes in a modern navy blue, but you can always change colors down the road if you want to.  Hidden level legs make it easy to get the playing surface even, which is one of the main goals of a table.

It does not come with any accessories, but buying them is half the fun as well! Choosing what suites you and what doesn’t is part of the process of becoming better at the wonderful game of pool.

Click Here to Buy the Minnesota Fats Westmont Billiard Table


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