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Pool Tables For Bars Reviews

Best pool tables for bars

Bars are one of the most unique places to play pool out there. When I go to my favorite local bar I know I’m going to have a great time relaxing with friends and beating them in pool! So having the best pool table for bars is very important.

I’ve been to some bars that have the best pool table for bars, while others not so much. At each and every local watering hole the play is different. Which makes it fun!

If you own or manage a bar here are a few things to consider when buying your the best pool table for bars and accessories:

* Durability-

This is a huge one because you will have many people that will use it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your bar is a pool table is a must to help people congregate, thereby making you money. A nice mid-range table will last for years if properly cared for. The best pool tables for bars I play on at my local place have been there for a very long time.

* Lighting

Most bars are fairly dark places, which is fine for relaxing and having a great time. The only place you want a good amount of light is over your table! I’ve had friends that quit a game because the lighting was so frustrating. Doesn’t have to be fancy unless you want it to. Custom lights add to the bars appearance of course! Beer,sports teams or logos add that extra touch of awesomeness. As long as you don’t need a headlamp, you will be ok!

* Room

Even if your bar is on the smaller side, make sure you have enough room for even a smaller best pool tables for bars. It is inconvenient and frustrating to have to have to shoot a certain way for lack of room. You really don’t need that much room for a 7 foot table, a minimum of 13’x16′ to be precise.

* Cue Racks

Even a simple wood cue rackĀ  will due as a space saver. If you have a little more room I would recommend a wall rack that is nice and sturdy. If you want to get really fancy get the ones with cup holders. Those are my favorite! Matching your table is a nice touch as well. You can put them behind the bar, in another room or just along the wall. Up to you.

* Pool Cues

It’s a good idea to have some decent cues to accompany your table. Or tables. They don’t have to be top of the line, unless you want them to be. Most people know that when you play at bars it’s not as serious as a tournament. Unless you have a tournament at your bar! In that case people can bring their own cues. I always bring my own cue when I go play anywhere! A couple of nice breaking cues are a must as well. After that, some mid-range cues are good enough. Plenty of chalk is nice as well!


Now I need to go grab some buddies and head to the bar!




bar 1Shelti Bayside Pool Table Review

The first best pool table for a bars we will look at is the Shelti Bayside 7 Foot.

At first glance you can see how well this one is built. The body is small enough at 7 feet to fit in your home and in fact they call this a home table. However, it is heavy duty enough to withstand years of abuse in a tavern or bar, hence the reason I chose it. When I’ve played on a Shelti it always reminds me of a tank. Short stout legs, large and thick upper body. No give or movement whatsoever! This is a true commercial table.

With the coin op style built in it is very simple to convert this over to one. The bars I play in do not have coin operated tables, but each owner is different as some prefer it. This is already equipped with a magnetic cue ball separatorĀ and a ball return, so you are good to go.

Please make sure with this table that you get a professional to install it for you. Not only is it extremely heavy but the slate comes in one full piece making it a little harder to put together.

Speaking of slate, this baby comes with a precision honed and ground 1 piece. Ground and honed as necessary for flatness to within 10/1,000ths of an inch! Talk about a smooth playing surface. The rails play nicely on this too. The felt is built for speed and durability, as it should be with the certainty of spills.

Even though this looks chunky, it really does go well with most decors. Being only 7 feet long helps use less room than the larger ones, thereby making it possible to put multiple tables in your bar. The charcoal and brushed chrome is very hardy and will wear well. Not only is the laminate body hardy, it is easy to keep clean.

Comes with a starter kit that is not too bad for a free addition. Basically everything you need to start playing right away.

If you are in the market for a smaller yet sturdy table that will provide years of fun to your customers, for your bar or tavern this is the one for you!

Click here to view the Shelti Bayside 7 Foot


fat cat pool tableFat Cat Reno II 7-Foot Billiard Table

The second best pool table for bars we will look at is the 7 Foot Reno Pool Table by Fat Cat.

Wouldn’t you agree right out of the gate that this one has stunning character and beautiful coloring? The dark wood and red go so well together. The nice thing about this table is that it is not just fashion but function as well.

Fat Cat has been making tables like this for years and the quality is hard to beat. I know for myself when I’ve had the chance to play on one I’ve been very pleased.

The sturdy legs are built like pillars which make this exceptionally strong. Being able to withstand hard use is not a problem at all. The stylish tournament wool felt comes in a couple of different colors to choose from and is not only durable but resists burn marks, chalk marks and tears.

Very smooth with no compromise. Imagine a couple of these in your bar or tavern and how awesome it would be to set up a friendly tournament! Beating my friends at pool is one of my favorite things to do. Bragging rights, you know?

The rails are solid and play fast but not too fast. All the pockets are commercial grade which is what you want in a table that will see years of use and abuse. No sense in getting a cheaper table that is going to break down. You may also want to get a professional to install it because it is pretty heavy. Might as well do it right!

At 7 feet long, make sure you have the room to play. You don’t need tons of room, but this is a pretty large table so you need enough elbow room away from the bar stools and other tables. It comes with a full stater set so you can get this set up and start playing.

If you are looking for cutting edge style, wonderful playing surface and maximum durability, this is the table for you!


Click Here to Buy the Fat Cat Reno II 7-Foot Billiard Table


bar 3Valley-Dynamo Pool Table Review

The last but not least best pool table for bars we will be looking at is the Panther by Valley-Dynamo. Coming in at 8.5 feet this is a true coin operated style you see in bars and arcades.

This has the look of the sweet older Model 32’s with the “Cheyenne Leather” look and function but with added features like smooth integrated corner castings, hidden screw rail trim and flush-mount pocket liners. It really makes it look more clean, modern and polished at the same time.

Now, usually I don’t like playing on anything other than full 1 inch slate but with this table I made an exception. At 7/8 of an inch thick and 1 full piece, it is really close and you can’t tell in the way it plays. Still the same firm, smooth play I’ve come to expect in a good table. It also helps that this has dual density cushions which improve longevity and long-lasting durability to the table. Lasts the way it should.

Some bar owners prefer coin operated pool table for bars and with this it is very easy to install. Even if you don’t like it, the table still goes well with any sort of ambiance you want to portray because it looks so classic. It is very heavy and won’t move easy, so place it where you want.

The diamond markers are permanently printed and coated with a melamine layer to ensure easy cleanup. The felt is ultra stain-resistant Teflon coated tournament green, to ensure long life. Plays fast like many other tournament tables I’ve had the pleasure of playing on.

If you’ve had bad luck with ball collectors or chutes before, you will love this one! The reason I say this is because of how it is constructed. Not only does it come with professional leg levelers that only need a wrench to adjust, but the ball collector is one piece which is quieter with no hang ups. The magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts either. Quiet and smooth. It is kinda distracting when you want to play pool and the table sounds like a broken down truck!

If you like coin operated tables, this is not only for you but is above the rest!

Click here to view the Panther 8.5 Foot by Valley-Dynamo



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